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Today Tab

TODAY by Everlast.
(regular tuning)

This is a really simple song that sounds awesome!  Enjoy!

Ok, these are the four basic chords that are used for the most part of the song:

    E    G    B    E
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/everlast/today_tab_ver_3.html ]
e --0----3----3----5---
B --0----3----5----5---
G --1----0----5----6---
D --2----0----5----7---
A --2----2----X----5---
E --0----3----X----5---

Here are the actual tabs for for the chorus:

e --X-X--X----X-X--X----X-X--X--X------
B --X-X--X----X-X--X----X-X--X--X------
G --1-1--4----1-1--4----1-1--4--6------
D --2-2--5----2-2--5----2-2--5--7------
A --2-2--5----2-2--5----2-2--5--7------
E --0-0--3----0-0--3----0-0--3--5------

Tabbed by Dan