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Beautiful Dream Chords

"Beautiful Dream" by Everclear
Tabbed by: CopperForever@aol.com
Tuning: Standard
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A                   C#            D
I had a dream I was living by the ocean 
A                   C#            D
I had a dream I was living in the sun 
A                      C#            D
I wake up staring at a mirror in the darkness 
I know I'm not alone 
I know I'm not the only one 
A                    C#       D
I had a dream that I had no depression 
A                     C#          D
I had a dream I had a smile on my face 
A                     C#        D
I wake up hungry so I feed my obsession 
I know I gotta leave you 
I know I gotta run away 
A        G
Far away 
            F              E
Where's the faces all look happy 
And I know it's a dream 
A beautiful dream 
        F              E
I wanna lose myself in myself 
Where I can be free 

I just wanna be free 
Free in a beautiful dream 
       A#        A
It's a beautiful dream