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Eve 6
\"Open Road Song\"
Off their self titled album
Track 5

            The chords and chord progression are pretty durn easy, soo
..here it is

      Chords Used:
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     A:            B:          C#:          D: 
      e---5---       e---2---     e---4---    e---5---
      B---5---       B---2---     B---4---    B---5---
      G---6---       G---3---     G---6---    G---7---
      D---7---       D---3---     D---6---    D---7---
      A---7---       A---2---     A---4---    A---5---  
      E---5---       E---2---     E---4---    E---5---

       The Verse Progression is:

       AAAA - BBBB - C#C#C#C# - DDDD
       AAAA - BBBB - DDDD - DDDD

       B - D - B - D

      Thats it, do it in a very fast paced action, use palm muted strums too