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Forgive Me Chords

Forgive, from "Not For Your Ears" and "Sounds Asleep Ep"
by Evanescence

This song is really beautiful, and it isn't very hard.
I Haven't figured out the solo yet. So if anobody does,
please send it to my mail: flanmardel@hotmail.com.
Thanks! and enjoy the song !!

Bb                    Gm
Can you forgive me again?
                   Dm (D2-Dm)
I don't know what I said
         D#             D#m
But I didn't mean to hurt you

Bb                   Gm
I heard the words come out
I felt like I would die
It hurt so much to hurt you

         Bb            Gm
But then you look at me
You're not shouting anymore
       D#    D#m 
You're silently broken

Bb                 Gm
I'd give anything now
to kill those words for you
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       D#                           Dm                            
Each time I say something I regret I cry I don't want to lose you. 
         D#                              F
But somehow I know that you will never leave me, yeah.

   Bb                   Gm
'Cause you were made for me
Somehow I'll make you see
     D#         D#m
How happy you make me

Bb                 Gm
I can't live this life
Without you by my side
    D#            D#m
I need you to survive

Bb            Gm
So stay with me
        F                     D#         D#m     
You look in my eyes and I'm screaming inside that 
      Bb   Gm   Dm   D#   D#m   Bb   Gm   F   D#  D#m
I'm sorry.

And you forgive me again
You're my one true friend
And I never meant to hurt you

Any comments or corrections: flanmardel@hotmail.com