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I Need You Chords

This is an old one and nice too, hope u like it.

Song: I Need You
Artist: Euclid Beach Band
Tabbed by: amasa

Intro: F-Am7-Bbmaj7,(Bbmaj7Am7)

Verse 1:
         F		  C7(/G) 
Well, I try to write a special song
   F(/A)		Bbmaj7,Bbm
A love song just for you
      Am7      D7        Gm7 C7(-9) Am7,D7,Gm7,C7(-9)
To explain the way  you make feel inside

Verse 2:
	         F		   C7(/G)
Though the meaning maybe simple
	      F(/A)           Bbmaj7,Bbm
And the words may not be new
   Am7      D7       Gm7  A   Dm   F7(/C),Bbmaj7,
I couldn't make it clearer if I try
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(Gm7)   F          Am7                    Dm     Dm7 
I need you, and I couldn't live a day without you
        Bb           Gm7                C-Gm7(/C)
I need you more than anyone could ever know
C       F          Am7                   Dm      Dm7
I need you, and I wanna build my world around you
	     Bb  Gm Gm7  Eb-C7(sus),C7(-9)
I need you, I need you

Verse 3:
        F                   C7(/G)
Well I sang the words and realized
      F(/A)		Bbmaj7,Bbm,
It's all   been said before
	   Am7     D7       Gm7      C7(-9)     Am7,D7,Gm7,C7(-9)
So I tried a dif'rent line that meant the same.

Verse 4:
	     F              C7(/G)
But it didn't have the feeling
        F(/A)		     Bbmaj7,Bbm,
And the first one said much more
      Am7       D7      Gm7     A      Dm,F7(/C)Bbmaj7,
So I guess I'll have to say it once again.

(Repeat Chorus)

Adlib: (Chords of 1st and 2nd verse)
(Repeat Chorus to fade)

   C7(/G)  F(/A)   F7(/C)  C7(-9)  Gm7(/C)
e-   3       1       1       0       3
B-   5       1       1       3       3
G-   3       2       2       0       3
D-   5       3       1       2       3
A-   X       0       3       3       3
E-   3       X       X       X       X

*A dot () in between notes means you transfer the chords faster
*A comma(,) between notes means transferring chords with a short pause.