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From: (Bob Cimikowski)

Here's a nice tune by Eric Andersen off his "Stages: The Lost Tracks" album.
Solo guitar accompaniment won't quite capture all the beauty of this one,
without the piano, mandolin, and nice harmonies by Shawn Colvin on
the actual recording.

                               MAKE IT LAST

                              (Eric Andersen)

Guitar: Capo III

Intro: G C G C F G C

verse 1:

C             G     C
It's 2 am and pitch black
         F             C
And I've got so far to go
                     F        C
My hands are hangin' from the wheel
       G            F    G
But my mind it only roams
    C               G        C
The sun went down behind the hills
        F                  D7
And the miles are draggin' past
     C             D7
This highway rolls forever
        F      G       C
But I'm comin' home at last

[ Tab from: ]
C            G
Make it last
I want to feel the mornin' come
        C    G
Make it last
          F               G
I want to see the mornin' sun
I want to fly
Like an angel in the wind
        C    G
Make it last
         F       G    C
'til I'm in your arms again

verse 2:  (same chords as verse 1)

By the highway is a diamond
Glowin' in the night
All along the dark horizon
First sign and crack of light
Up the road I see a hotel
Better pull in off the line
Tomorrow seems forever
But I'll make it home on time

Repeat refrain.

Am                C
Ridin' 'neath the shotgun moon
    F                 Dm7
The clouds watch from above
C                   G
The things we do to keep this life
C                    F
The things we do for love
Am                      C
The chain they call the highway
    F               Dm7
Can nail you like a stone
       C              G
What I wouldn't do to have one hour
   F       G   C
To be with you alone

Repeat refrain.

Up ahead I see a woman
I can see her silhouette
It's 4 am, the lights are out
I can see the empty bed
She's starin' out the window
She puts out a cigarette
The night rolls on forever
Like the prairies in the West

Repeat refrain.