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Poormans Grave Chords

Song: Poorman's Grave
Artist/Band: Eraserheads
Album: Cutter Pillow
Submitted by: bogey

Ab break

 Am                   F      G
I know a man who had nothing
 Am                F       G
He was a poor man all his life
 Am                      F        G
He lived in shack by the roadside
 Am                      F       G   Ab
With starving kids and a loving wife


Am                      F      G
He went to church every Sunday
 Am                     F      G
He prayed from morning until night 
         Am                         F     G
He said "Good Lord, why have you forsaken me?
Am                       F           G   Ab      
When everything I did I thought was right..."

Refrain 1: (got this from other tabs)
 Em                   Am
Now my life's coming to an end,
 F                              C
There's only one thing I'm wishing for
 Em                 Am
All my days I have never sinned
 F                                G
So I hope you won't ignore, just what I'm asking for
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 C                     F
Oh, honey when I die, fix me up with a coat and tie
 C                                F                  G
In my feet a pair of shoes that I haven't worn in a long time
 C                     F
Put me in a golden box, not a cross with a pile of rocks
 C                                       F           G
Bury me where the grass is green and the gates are shining
 C      G           F
Uh-huh, honey when I die
 C                     G           F
Give me a bed of roses where I can lie 
 C                       G               F       C
I'm gonna use up all the money that I've saved
                G               F (hold)       Ab
'Cause I don't wanna lie in a poorman's grave


(Do verse chords)
I know a man who had nothing
He dreamed of satin sheetes all his life
He lived and worked like a dog
Licking every boot he sees just to survive

He comes home drunk every night
Wakes up the kids and talks to his wife
He said "Honey, you have been so good to me
I only wish we had a better life..."

Refrain 2: (do refrain chords)

Now my life's coming to an end
There's only one thing I'm wishing for
All my days I have lived in shame
So I hope you won't ignore, what I'm asking for

(repeat chorus)

okey...medyo pareho tong tab na 'to dun sa isa, pero may mga kulang dun sa isang tab,
kaya may mga binago akong konti...enjoy!!!!