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Julie Tearjerky Tab


			JULIE TEARJERKY / Eraserheads


Date: 11:59 AM 5/4/00
From: Deney Ysmael

   Napanood ko ang concert ng e'heads nakita ko na tinutugtog nila ng ganito
so... I think this one is accurate. Well... enjoy! und have a nice day pipol!
		      Mabuhay ang Musikang Pilipino!

D:---------------------0--0--2------|	Play (4x)
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(A, AM7) 			A	AM7	Bm	Bm/A
julie tearjerky            e:-0-    e:-0-    e:-2-    e:-2-------------|
on the phone            B:-2-    B:-0    B:-3-    B:-3-----------------|
she says that            G:-2-    G:-1-    G:-4-    G:-4---------------|
I can't be alone        D:-2-    D:-2-    D:-4-    D:-4----------------|
(Bm, Bm/A, E)            A:-0-    A:-0-    A:-2-    A:-0---------------|
yeah she was told        E:-x-    E:-x-    E:-x-    E:-x- then E:-4-2--|
that time is gold
(A, AM7)			E	C	Caug	C6	C7
Super strategy guide (2x)    e:-0-    e:-3-    e:-4-    e:-5-    e:-6--|
don't turn yer back        B:-0-    B:-5-    B:-5-    B:-5-    B:-5----|
on an enemy            G:-1-    G:-5-    G:-5-    G:-5-    G:-5--------|
she doesn't            D:-2-    D:-5-    D:-3-    D:-3-    D:-3--------|
look too friendly        A:-2-    A:-3-    A:-3-    A:-3-    A:-3------|
(Bm, Bm/A, E)            E:-0-    E:-x-    E:-x-    E:-x-    E:-x------|
it's a final fantasy
(A, AM7)			F			Dm
nothing stays the same (2x)    e:-1-            e:-3- then e:-1---|
(C, Caug, C6, C7, F, Dm)    B:-1-            B:-3-         B:-3---|
no comic books            G:-2-            G:-2-      G:-2--------|
no ugly looks            D:-3- then D:-3-2-0-    D:-0-      D:-0--|
no flaming trees        A:-3-            A:-x-      A:-x----------|
oh man                E:-1-            E:-x-      E:-x------------|
I need some more (2x)
(A, AM7)
I hear her
calling my name (2x)
Julie tearjerky
on the ground
she'll swallow
anything that's round
(Bm, Bm/A, E)
pick it up
next time around
(A, AM7)
Nothing stays the same (2x)
(C, Caug, C6, C7, F, Dm)
no happiness
no loveliness
no empty nest
it wasn't her before


			      "DENEY's Works"