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Fruitcake Chords

artist: eraserheads
title: fruitcake

Verse 1:
           D             A        Bm
There's a fruitcake for everybody
A            G          Fm      Em A
There's a fuitcake for everyone
           D              A       Bm
There are "being sad" to every story
A      G          Fm        Em  A
If you decide to have some fun
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Chorus: D-A-Bm-A-G-C-D-A-D-A-Bm-A-G-A-D-C-G

Bridge: E-D-E-D-E-D

Ad Lib: F-G-D-F-G-D-C

Verse 2: (Do chords on verse 1)

Stars are falling..... Bb-C-Bb-G-Bb-C-Bb-A

That's it! if you have any questions email me at
by the way those are the sequence of the chords so don't get confused.