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Evening Falls Chords

Em               C
When the evening falls

        D            Bm
And the daylight is fading,

         C      Am
From within me calls

         D       Bm
Could it be I am sleeping?

      Em       C
For a moment I stray,

         D        Bm
Then it holds me completely

         C        D      Bm
Close to home - I cannot say

         C            D      Eno3 (022400)
Close to home feeling so far away

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As I walk the room there before me a shadow
From another world, where no other can follow
Carry me to my own, to where I can cross over
Close to home - I cannot say
Close to home feeling so far away

D G D G            C     D
Forever searching; never right,

     G              C  D
I am lost in oceans of night.

    G          C     D         Bm
Forever hoping I can find memories

           C     D       G
Those memories I left behind

Even though I leave will I go on believing
That this time is real - am I lost in this feeling?
Like a child passing through,
Never knowing the reason
I am home - I know the way
I am home - feeling oh, so far away