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Green Pastures Chords

Emmylou Harris - Green Pastures

Capo 2


A	     A  E   A     D
Troubles and trials often betray those

D         A             E
On in the weary body to stray

E	     A    E A              D
But we shall walk beside the still waters

D	      A	       E	   A
With the Good Shepherd leading The Way

A	       A       E    A             D
Those who have strayed were sought by The Master

D	    A		          E
He who once gave His life for the sheep
E          A   E    A           D
Out on the mountain still He is searching
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D	      A     E       A
Bringing them in forever to keep


A 	      E  A             D
Going up home to live in green pastures

D	       A		  E
Where we shall live and die never more

E        A    E    A          D
Even The Lord will be in that number

D	      A	         E	  A
When we shall reach that Heavenly Shore


A	         E   A            D
We will not heed the voice of the stranger

D	     A	            E
For he would lead us all to despair

E         A  E    A         D
Following on with Jesus our savior

D	     A	        E	   A
We shall all reach that country so fair

Put a D before the final A