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Fall Into Me Chords

Fall Into Me - Emerson Drive
Album: Emerson Drive
Writers: Danny Orton/Jeremy Stover 

Intro: D  A  Bm  G  A  Bm

You say you've turned it off
A                 Bm
Hid your heart up on a shelf
Scared of what it might cost
   A                Bm
To take it down for someone else
Cause loving him you lost 
A               Bm
Too much of yourself
      E7        G
Baby can't you see
     E7        G 
That he's not me

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       D           A
And I need you to know 
         Bm       G
You can fall into me
         D            A
That my arms are wide open 
     Bm         G 
And will always be
            D        A         Bm
Right here waiting, staying, strong
          G        D
Come and fall into me

A  Bm  G

I'll follow any road
A           Bm
Anywhere to get to you
I'll open up my soul
    A                   Bm
If that's what you need me to do 
Now baby it's your move
A              Bm
All you got to do is 
E7          G
Believe in love
       E7        G
Just believe in us


Instrumental: A  Bm  G  D  A  Bm  G

       E7        G
Just believe in love
       E7       G
Just believe in us


A   =   x02220
Bm  =   X24432(bar chord) or XX4432                         
D   =   xx0232                           
E7  =   020100   
G   =   320003