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We The Undead Tab

artist: Electric Wizard
song: We, The Undead
album: let us prey
tabbed by: Patrick Pickel (ppickel@gmx.de)

The solo at the end is missing but it's not that hard to tab.
Play the single note parts with the bass guitar.
Please send me your comments or corrections via email.

  Riff A
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/electric_wizard/we_the_undead_tab.html ]
  Riff B                    Riff C
E|-----------------------| |--------------|--------|-------------|
B|-----------------------| |--------------|--------|-------------|
G|---------------------7-| |--------------|--------|-------------|
D|---------6h8-8-8--7--7-| |-666666666666~|-66646--|-6/4-6/4-6/4-|
A|-6h8-8-8----------7--5-| |-666666666666~|--------|-6/4-6/4-6/4-|
E|------------------5----| |-444444444444~|--------|-4/2-4/2-4/2-|

  Riff D                 Riff E
E|--------------------| |-----------------|
B|--------------------| |-----------------|
G|--------6/4-6/4-6/4-| |-----------------|
D|-666666-6/4-6/4-6/4-| |-6/4-6/4-6/4/6/4-|
A|-666666-4/2-4/2-4/2-| |-6/4-6/4-6/4/6/4-|
E|-444444-------------| |-4/2-4/2-4/2/4/2-|

song structure:

 5x Riff A   first time without vocals
 4x Riff B
 4x Riff C

 5x Riff A
 4x Riff B
 4x Riff C
 4x Riff D
 2x Riff E

 5x Riff A \
 4x Riff B  with solo
 4X Riff C /