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Line Up Tab

Line Up - Elastica (on the album 'Elastica')
Tabbed by Steve Morley.

Okay, this one has two distinct guitar parts, plus a killer bass line...
The lyrics are easy to make out - plus someone else has posted them, so here's the music!

Guitar part 1:  This is played more-or-less all the way thru
'A'-shape bar chords
B, D, C#, E, G (yes, on the 10th fret!)

Guitar part 2:

		x2		    x2

		x2		    x2
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/elastica/line_up_tab.html ]
Then while the 1st guitar is playing G, the second guitar is silent.

A moveable pattern that follows the chords of guit.1

-----------------------------|------------------------------| etc.

When playing over the G chord, the following happens...

Play with that slide... I'm doing this from memory!

Final touches: At the end of the chorus (after the second run thru with "Line up in line, line up in line is all I remember...")  there are some chord stabs which take up an extra half a bar...

These are: x x 10 12 14 14

Enjoy a Great British classic...