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Other Shoe Chords

			     the Other Shoe - Eels
Tabbed by:Anton Petersson


Simpel just play a D-chord but just play on the D-and G-string

Verse 1:
( hit the D- and G-string on the D-chord. On the other chords hit the
 A-,D- and the G-string)

D         D                   D
          It's a beautiful morning
F         c                   D  
          The sky is black as ink
D         D                   D
          The city's sleeping still
F                          c
          And soon they'll wake up
          To the stink

          And soon they'll wake up
          c               Am                G
          To the stink of life passing them by
          F           c                        D
          Wake up and smell the stink of their lives 
(on the last D-chord start hit all the strings in the chord ex: 
D-chord = the D-G-B-e strings)

         D - D - F - c - D x2
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D         D			 D
          The garbage trucks are coming
F                      c           D
          To take your shit to the dump
D         D                      D  
          You're smelling pretty now
F                c             D
          Such a pretty little lump

          F                c
          A pretty little lump of flesh
          Am              G
          Who's lost your way
          F       c             D 
          Another night another day

          D - D - F - c - D x2

D         D                     D   
          And when you sleep at night
F                  c             D
          Dreaming of the pretty things
D         D            D
          Don't be too surprised
F                  c         D
          When the telephone rings

          D - D - F - c - D x2
woouh woow wooouw...

D         D               D
          I'll be sitting here
          F               c             D     D   end with A D-chord
          Waiting for the other shoe to drop

This should be it. Listen to the song and you will find the accuracy when to change chord.
And send your comments to my e-mail.