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Drowning Pool Chords & Tabs

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Tear Away Bass Tab

                                          ---- Drowning Pool - TEAR AWAY - bass tab ----

Tabs from Czech Republic by: DENISHGUY

I think this is one of best song by Drowning pool. I don't no exactly tunning of this song.
So you can change tabs how ever you will want. When I was tabbing it I had standard tunning. (G,D,A,E)


A -------3*----------------3*-------------------3*------------------


G --------------------------------------------------------------------------
D --------------------------------------------------------------------------
A ----33--33--33-33-3-444-3333-444--------------------------------
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/drowning_pool/tear_away_btab.html ]
G -------------------------------------------------------------------------
D ------------------------------------------------------------------------
A ---333333------------------------------------------------------------
E ----------------4444444--------111111111-------------------------

 Before guitar solo

G ------------------------------------------------------------------------
D -----------------------------------------------------------------------
A ------4//3------4/3------4/3-----4/3-------4/3-------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------------------------

During guitar solo you play the same as CHORUS.

If you don't no this song correctly, you'll have to listen it.
Many times.


* - you must hold this note