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Queen Of The Silver Dollar Chords

Dr Hook

She's the [A] Queen of the [D] Silver [A] Dollar, And she [A] rules this [D] smokey [A] kingdom.
And her [A] sceptre [D] is a [A] wine glass, And this [B7] bar stool is her [E7] throne.
And the [A] jesters [D] flock [A] around her, And [A] fight to [D] win her [A] favours
And [A] see which [D] one will [A] take the [D] Queen Of the [A] Silver [E7] Dollar [A] home.
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She [A] arrives in all her splendour every [D] night at nine o'clock.
And her [E] chariot is the crosstown bus That stops right down the [A] block.
Then the [A] old piano minstrel plays her [D] song as she walks in,
And the [E] Queen of the Silver dollar She's home [A] again.

-Repeat Chorus-

Her [A] royal gown is a satin dress, that's [D] stained and slightly torn.
And her [E] sparklin' jewels are rhinestones, And her shoes are scuffed and [A] worn
From the [A] many roads she's traveled And the [D] wondrous sites she's seen.
And I [E] watch her and I pray, God [A] save the Queen. 

-Repeat Chorus- 

The [A] Queen of the Silver Dollar's, is not as [D] haughty as she seems.
She was [E] once an ordinary girl, With ordinary dreams . [A]
But I [A] found her and I won her, And I [D] brought her to this world.
Yes, [E] I'm the man who made a Queen, Of a simple country [A] girl. 
Now she's the.... 

-Repeat Chorus-