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Break Me Gently Tab

The Doves
Break Me Gently
Tabbed by Trond Vegard Meisingset

This is a great song, but kinda hard to tab completely due to the fact 
that there's a lot of instruments being used. 3 guitars, piano, synths, 
tremolo vocals and whatnot give it an erie floaty feel.
It's still a great song to play though. Enjoy =)

Chords used

C#m:    x46654
F#sus4: 244422
F#:     244322
E:      022100

Guitar 1

Riff 1                                                           
Intro + verse    
E-------4-------------4--I  This part repeats 
B-2---2-----2---2---2----I  throughout the song
G---4-----4---4---4------I  with a few variations,
D------------------------I  amongst other after
A------------------------I  the first chorus

Riff 2
end of verse ( ...they won't go away...) and chorus 
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Guitar 2 - Backing chords

These chords repeat throughout the song:

C#m - F#sus4 - F# - E - F#sus4 - F#

guitar 3 - solo guitar
B--------------------------0--0--I     Pick these notes several times.
G----6-4-3-----6-4-3-1----3-3----I    I didn't bother counting them, so 
D----------2-4-------------------I        figure out the timing and 
A--------------------------------I   how many times each note is plucked
E--------------------------------I         by listening to the song

And that's basically it! 
And for good measure, heres's the lyrics as well:

Walk inside, gets noticed           
Fears conspire, they won't go away  
And I know, and I see
you'll be breaking hearts again 

You break me gently 
Break me gently 
Break me gently 


Break my fall in vain 
Pain won't go, rest in peace 
And I look, and I see
you could be breaking souls again 

And I see me, break me gently 
Break me gently 
Break me gently

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