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Unhappy Girl Chords

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Unhappy Girl
>From Strange Days
Words&Music by The Doors
Arranged by Tiago Eulalio (

Unhappy girl
Cm          Bb
Left all alone
Cm            Bb
Playin' solitaire
        Cm              Bb
Playin' warden to your soul
            Cm        Bb           Cm
You are locked in a prison of your 
own device

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And you can't believe what it 
Fm      Bbm
does to me
To see you cryin'

Cm        Bb
  Unhappy girl
Cm              Bb
Tear your web away
Cm                  Bb
Saw thru all your bars
Cm                Bb
Melt your cell today
You are caught in a
Bb             Cm
prison of your 
own device

Solo: Cm Bb Cm Bb Cm Ab Cm G7 Cm

Cm         Bb
   Unhappy girl
Cm         Bb
Fly fast away
Cm                  Bb
Don't miss your chance
   Cm           Bb
To swim in mystery
          Bb          Bb          Cm
You are dying in a prison of your 
own device