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Land Ho!
>From Morrison Hotel
Words by Jim Morrison
Music by the Doors
Arranged by Tiago Eulalio (


Granda loved a sailor  Who sailed the frozen sea

He grandpa was the whaler  And he took me on his knee
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He said Son Im going crazy  From living on the land

Got to find my shipmates  And walk on foreing sands

C A D C A G F#m Em A7


This old man was graceful  With silver in his smile

He smoked a briar pipe and  He walked four country miles

Singing songs of shady sisters  And old time liberty

Songs of love and songs of death  And songs to set me free

C A D C A G F#m Em Dm Em Dm

(Em Dm)

Ive got three ships and sixty man 

A course for ports unread

Stand at mast, let north wind blows

Till half of us are dead