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Darkness Tab

Title: "Darkness"
Artist: Disturbed
Album: Believe

Tune half step down this is my first tab so I don’t know if it is 100%
correct or even correct at all.  But this is an awesome song that no
one has tabs for. so I made some of my own.
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/disturbed/darkness_tab_ver_3.html ]
|-----4----4--0----0---------4-----4--5---4----------listen to the---
|---2---2--------2---------2----2-------5------------song for timeing

that’s all I got so far…im still workin on the part that comes right 
after that, its hard to hear so it’ll be awhile.  Rawk on everyone. 
Disturbed’s  new CD Believe kicks ass go out and buy it.