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Version: 9 Type: Tab

General Tab

Song:   The General
Artist: Dispatch
Tabbed by: Daniel Alloway (dman7386@hotmail.com)

 / = Slide Up
 \ = Slide Down
 x = Palm Mute
 h = Hammer On
 p = Pull Off

It's sort of a swingy rythem!
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dispatch/general_tab_ver_9.html ]
Intro>          B B   F#                   C#m-- G#
                d u d u                  d u dud u

               E E  E   B       F#--------------------|F#
-|------------/7-7-x7---7\------2-2-x2x2-2------------| make the E chord
-|-----------/-8-8-x8---7-\-----2-2-x2x2-2------------| at the beginning
-|----------/--9-9-x9---8--\----3-3-x3x3-3------------| of the slide,
-|---------/---9-9-x9---9---\---4-4-x4x4-4------------| and slide it up
-|-----4--/----7-7-x7---9----\--4-4-x4x4-4------------| listen to song
-|-4-7---/-----7-7-x7-7-7-----\-2-2-x2x2-2------------| for a reference.
         slide^  d du   d       d d dudu d