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Flying Horses Chords

I mainly looked at a tab I saw from another site, and decided that some chords were
missed at some important songs, and that the song sounded a little different and
weirder than those chords. I combined a few tabs, and listened to the song over
and over till I got the chords on the right part. This is my first tab so hopefully
it's pretty accurate.

Tabbed/Changed by: Strtnglinenfg

Intro Part 1:

Play this two times. In the Gut the Van version, the harmonica was played basically 
part 1 of the intro, but the one off Silent Steeples isn't.

Intro Part 2: The guitar becomes softer here, as the harmonica takes over. Play these 
softly behind the harmonica.
G  D  Em,  C  G  D
G  D  Em,  C  G  D

And thus begins the 1st Verse. Make sure to the play the chords on the exact words that 
was put on:
G              D                      Em             Em (With picking)
  The River of Doubt gave birth to a, beautiful stone
G                D              Em
And in my hand I held it, and I knew I was on my own,
Em (Picking)
So I picked it up,
G         D              Em  (Three silent beats pass...)
      And held it to the sky...
G            D           Em
 And in my reflection, I knew I was all alone,
    Em      G                D
Yeah, Yeah...then I saw this girl with the most
  beautiful hair, she had it
G               D          Em
 Wrapped around her, for clothes she did not wear.
G                  D                   Em (Three silent beats pass...)
 I asked her for a lock, and she complied,
after leaving
G                      D            Em               (Let silence begin here)
 Georgous footsteps in the sand, as if she didn't care.
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dispatch/flying_horses_crd_ver_2.html ]
Now here's the Chorus. Let the silence continue from the 1st verse right up to beginning 
"prettiest", where G begins. In the chorus, the C chord is seen, like it was seen in 
                    G                 D
Well... She was the prettiest girl I ever saw and
Em                                       C
stone lay still without a flaw, and the feelings I
       G                  D
had to fight the law as I came to, and I went to
      G                   D
And I took a look, a look down the road, to see a
Em                                       C
badger, and a one eyed toad. They didn't say a word,
          G                  D
They just looked at me with that,
                     G D Em   C G D    D
Wise old look of the old...   Yeah...  Wise old look of the
G D Em   C G D
old...   Yeah...

Basically do the same thing that I pointed out in the first verse, the same rhythm, just 
the chords at the different words. It's easy to figure out. This is the second verse:

And then I went down to town
To my favorite, merry-go-Round, to the place
where magic horses fly
And you seldom see a frown

And here's my favorite part of the song, the Bridge:
                     G                 D
But then I stole the ring, from the flying horses,
  and I can't begin to explain now. (Move quickly into the next line)
G                            D
I stole the ring from the flying horses,
Em          C   C   C
  And its all rusty now,
G                            D
I stole the ring from the flying horses,
  And I can't begin to explain now

G                             D
 I stole the ring from the flying horses,
Em            C   C   C
  And its all rusty now,
Its all rusty...

Here is the third verse. Just do, once again, what I said entering the second verse. Do 
same thing as the first verse.:

Ya see, cause that stone fell through my pocket
And that loch of hair blew away with the wind
If you Chance to see a pawn either, Well...
You know where they've been.

Here the chorus again. As I've said for the second and third verse, follow what the 
chorus says:

But don't pick them up or try to find me
We're much happier to be on our own
Beauty like that knows, no
And if you take a look, a look down the road
You'll see a badger and a one eyed toad
They won't say a word they'll just look at you with that, wise old look of the old... Yeah...
Wise old look of the old... Yeah....

Here's the solo. Mainly it's a sweet harmonica solo, but the guitar plays under it 
It's the exact same chords from the intro, part 2.
G  D  Em,  C  G  D
G  D  Em,  C  G  D

Now, finally to end the song, play the bridge and fade away.

   G       D       Em     C

This is one of Dispatch greatest songs, at the least. I might have gotten some of the 
wrong, sorry, but the timing of the chords and everything are perfect I think. Anyways, 
rox, and peace.