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Drawerings Chords

Drawerings by Dinosaur Jr

I noticed DJ's been in some demand round here, so here's a song from Where
you been.

Verse 1
G        D                 Am       C
Do you know that it's all right
G        D                 Am               C F
I been thinking, seein' that's not how it has to be 
G            D                  Am      C
Ain't sayin' if it's worth the fight
G        D                Am            C        F
I'm a space but you can count on me to save your place
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Verse 2
Bm      C               D  
And I know it's all to do with you and me
Bm                       C                     D       
Do you know if you're against the deal, well wait and see.
Bm        C                  D
But I'd love to hear that story once again
         Bm      C             D          
It's the only part of me you still defend

Verse 1 chords
Did you know I heard your voice
When I called to see if you're around I had no choice
Then the news is in my face
Took a step to let the feeling go, I lost my place

Verse 2 Chords
And I swear I hear the same thing every night
Once again, no accounting for the hours I spend
Baked as anytime I've drifted out of sight
Remember when we didn't need this time to mend

Verse 1 Chords
Anywhere you'd like to go
Would it help to be inside the life I couldn't know
If you shake it, it won't show
Hold out for me cause bailin' at this point is really low

Em    C  Am Bm
///// /  /  /

Verse 2 chords
And I know it's all to do with just a friend
And I can't decipher messages you send
But I'd love to hear thatr story once again
It's the only part of me you still defendI believe the solo is an A blues deal but with J Mascis who knows

If anybody's got some other DJ stuff not at Nevada, please mail me.
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