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Desperate Chords

| Desperate (I Want to be Faithful)                   |
| by: Dime Store Prophets                             |

Em  (x4)

Em               Em
Take these hands, I don't know what to do.
Break these arms, I'm broken without you.
A                              Em
I stayed away all night, and I didn't even call.
I'm rich with explanation, not at all.

C  G

G           D             C                   G
If it ever comes down to this, I want to be faithful. (x2)

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Take these lips, they've touched the lips of fools.
Bind these eyes, I've stolen all her jewels.
I'm a barren man, my will has all run dry.
Don't look at me that way, oh God, don't cry
I will try

C  G


G                             D                      C
So I gave my heart away for anyone to break, strip me down, I am naked.
G                              D                   C
I knew there was hell to pay, but I did it anyway...


G                             D                         C
So I gave my heart away for anyone to break true, you're always true.
G                              D                      C
I know there was hell to pay, but you took me anyway...