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Inside A Jar Chords

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Date: Sat, 11-Oct-1997 12:48:52 +0200
From: Geir Damstuen 
Subj: Inside a jar
{st: DigiDam}

D                                  Bb
Stay by the jar to consume another lane. Answers are hard, like I believe your
Dm                                    A                 Bb
vein. Go to the dog and ask him for a day, I heard you say:
F                                    Gm
Mister Dog, can I come in and grab a beer? I'm so alone and would like to see the
Dm                                   A      Bb
sphere. Not so fancy hooked inside a jar

[D         Bb       Dm      A  Bb]

[F         Gm       Dm      A  Bb]

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D                                      Bb
Spread your disease like winter in the falls. Fall to his knees cause no one hear your
Dm                                             A               Bb
calls. Wait for the dog to tell him 'bout your ways and your Betrace
F                                       Gm
Mister Dog can I persuade your precious time? Take no offence, the day is much too
Dm                              A     Bb
fine. I don't fancy living in a jar

[A         C         F]

[A         C         F]

[A         C         F]


D                                      Bb
Close to the stars but freedom has its price. You're not too far to roll another
Dm                                          A                   Bb
dice. Are you so sure that this is what you want? Shouldn't you turn? Turn!
F                                  Gm
Turn away and rid yourself of your dog! You don't subscribe to thoughts out from the
Dm                               A    Bb
fog. Really fancy staying by the jar

[D         Bb       Dm      A  Bb]

[F         Gm       Dm      A  Bb]