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Hope For Me Yet Chords

Capo 2nd fret
D                            C                                      G
Girl I've made a name everybody rights off
D                                C                                         G
An open road hard case, A honky-tonk lost cause
D                                  C                                          G
The fate I'm looking at there ain't no way around
D                               C                                          G
A long and lonely path I'm destined to go down

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Verse 2:
D                      C                                         G
Always living fast, only thinking short term
D                              C                                     G
I never could get past a bridge I didn't burn
D                                             C                                         G
I'm just a worn out pair of boots and a beat up old guitar
D                                       C                                               G
A hand full of country tunes and a hard luck kinda heart