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Listen To Your Heart Acoustic Chords

		  DHT - Listen To Your Heart (Acoustic)
Tabbed by:  Wes C.
Email:  WWWestonC@aol.com

Tuning: Standard Tuning

Great acoustic song...screw the club remix play this for your girl and she'll melt.


    |-2-|    |-3-|    |-0-|    |-2-|	 |-0-|
    |-3-|    |-3-|    |-2-|    |-3-|	 |-0-|
[Bm]|-4-| [G]|-0-| [A]|-2-| [D]|-2-| [Em]|-0-|
    |-4-|    |-0-|    |-2-|    |-0-|	 |-2-|
    |-2-|    |-2-|    |-0-|    |-0-|	 |-2-|
    |-2-|    |-3-|    |-0-|    |-0-|	 |-0-|
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[Bm] [G] [A] [Bm] [G] [A] [Bm] [G] [A] [Bm] [G] [Em]

Verse 1:

[Bm]I know theres some[G]thing in the [A]wake of your [Bm]smile 
[Bm]I get an o[G]cean from the [A]look in your eyes...[Bm]yeah 
[Bm]Youve been to love[G] but that [A]love falls [Bm]apart 
[Bm]A little piece of heaven [G]turns to [Em]dark 

Listen to your heart[Bm] [G] when hes call[D]ing for [A]you 
Listen to your heart[Bm] [G] 
Theres nothing [D]else you can [A]do 
I dont [D]know where your go[A]ing, and [G]i dont know [D]why 
But listen to your heart[Bm] [G] before [A]
You tell him good[Bm]bye