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Thats Pep Tab

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Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 23:04:37 -0600
From: (Bruce Armstrong)
Subject: TAB: That's Pep -Devo

That's Pep - Devo
Words and Music by Mark Mothersbaugh

(Tab note 1)
E 0--0--0---000---|----------------|
B 1--1--1---111---|----------------|
G 0--0--0---000---|----------------|
D 2--2--2---222---|----------------|
A 3--3--3---333---|------0-1-0-----|
E ----------------|2-3-4-------4-3-|

This is repeated throughout the song over the C F# progression.
I just indicated an open C chord to illustrate the rythym of the
C portion of the progression.  You can play any form of the C chord
you want.

C                        F#
Vigor, vim, vitality and punch
C                              F#
The ability to act on a sudden hunch
F                   G
Nerve to tackle the hardest thing
     F                   G
With feet that climb and hands that cling
  F                   G
A heart that never forgets to sing

       A    D/A
That's pep
       A    D/A
That's pep
       A    D/A B E D (Then back to tab note 1) for 4 bars
That's pep
[ Tab from: ]
C                           F#
Sand and grit in a concrete base
C                             F#
A friendly smile on an honest face
F                        G
Spirit that helps when another's down
F                      G
Know how to tackle the blackest frown
F                    G
Loves it's neighbor, loves it's town

       A    D/A
That's pep
       A    D/A
That's pep
       A    D/A
That's pep
B      E (then to tab note 2 below)
That's pep

(Tab note 2)(synth line - tough to play as written!!!)
E ----00--00--2--0|----00--00--2--0|----00--00--5--3|------------5--3|
B ------00----4--0|------00----4--0|------00----7--5|----11--11--7--5|
G ------------4--1|------------4--1|------------7--5|------00----7--5|
D ----22--22--4--2|----22--22--4--2|----22--22--7--5|------------7--5|
A ------22----2--2|------22----2--2|------22----5--3|----33--33--5--3|
E ---------------0|---------------0|----------------|------33--------|

E ------------5--3|------------5557|
B ----11--11--7--5|----11--11--7779|
G ------00----7--5|------00----7779|
D ------------7--5|------------7779|
A ----33--33--5--3|----33--33--5557|
E ------33--------|------33--------|

Then back to the tab note 1.

C                                F#
Say "I will" for you know I can
C                                F#
Look for the best in every man
F                     G
Meet each thundering knockout blow
F                G
Come back with a smile 'cause you know
       F                    G
You'll get the best of the whole damn show

       A    D/A
That's pep
       A    D/A
That's pep
       A    D/A
That's pep

OUTRO (repeat first measure of tab note 2 to end)

B      E
That's pep
B      E
That's pep
B      E
That's pep
     B         E           B  E
You know that's pep

Hope this is helpful and clear!!  Comments?