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At The Hop Chords

Artist: Devendra Banhart
Song: At The Hop
Tuning: Standard

(Transcribed by FrostG)

Note: All chords standard except F which I think sounds best played as:

X 3 3 2 1 1  (ie standard bar chord without the root note)

Note also that the chords for each verse and each refrain are the same 
So I'll only write them out once!!!


(Intro): C F C F.... (And between verses)

                            C            F
Put me in your suitcase
                            Am         F
Let me help you pack
                                           C          F
'Cause you're never coming back
                                     C           F
No you're never coming back
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Cook me in your breakfast
And put me on your plate
Cause you know I'll taste great
Yeah you know I taste great

          Am                                  G
At the hop its greaseball heaven
With candy pants
And archie too

Put me in your dry dream
Oh put me in your wet
If you haven't yet
No if you haven't yet

Light me with your candle
And watch that flames grow high
You know it doesn't hurt to try
It doesn't hurt to try

Well I won't stop all of my-y pretending
That you'll come home
You'll be comin' home some day soon

Put me in your blue skies
Oh put me in your grey
There's gotta be some way
There's gotta be some way

Put me in your tounge tied
Make it hard to say
That you ain't gonna stay
That you ain't gonna stay

Wrap me in your marrow
And stuff me in your bones
And sing a mending moan
A song to bring you home