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Descendents - She Loves Me
Submitted By: Chris
Album:Everything Sucks

She loves me
It's not just in my head
She loves me
Even though it's not real said
And if anything means anything
Then this means something good
I guess I'd love her back
If I only could
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She loves me
I can see it when she smiles ear to ear
She loves me
And I'm sure that she can here...
How I scream out for someone else
When I'm asleep or by myself
I'm so sad I hate myself
I don't know where to go for help

Love could never grow sour
It grows more pure with every hour
I never wanted anything like that from her
But still...

She loves me
And I know she can't except me for myself
And I'm sure that she can't help...
How close I am to casting in
How I chase dreams that don't exist
How I hate girls and I hate my life
Pain it rips me 
Desps they poach me!...

I don't have to be
All by myself
She don't love no one else!

The way she loves me
The way she loves me