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Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 19:25:21 -0600 (CST)
From: "Mr.Zippy" 
Subject: CRD:My World by Descendents

by         ON MY
Descendents	WORLD===(live version)

Crords (low2high)
F5 -133XXX
G5 -355XXX
C5 -X355XX
B5 -X244XX
A  -X022XX


	I dont have the lyrics so they're just guess's

G5 F5 C5 (X2)
F5 G5 C5 (X2)

(G,F,C-F,G,C progression over words)
Stop knock-knock knocking
Stop knock-knock knocking
better stop it
stop it
right noooooowwwwww....
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Verse 1:
[A]went to my dorm to study[B5][C5]
[A]Went to the punk-rock show[B5][C5]
[A]Everybody there I know didnUt go[B5][C5]
[A]Went to my universety[B5][C5]
[A]All the girls dressed up and looked pretty[B5][C5]
[A]Went to the party last night, I was there so it was out of sight[B5][C5]

eh, out of sight.

B5 C5 crd proggresion:

well, my world is my mind
IUm knockin my myself inside
people they canSt get in
I have no ues for

verse 2:
I just came from my girls bed
I can never forget what she said
I tried to show my??
I went out a lookin' for girls, now
started runnin ???
I went away from her house
not another word commin out of your mouth

what a pretty little mouth

(then he stats going)
stop knock knock knocking
stop it stop knock knock knocking
on my world
(ect..[this part is like the intro but longer])

Verse 3:
Went to the toilet sat down
there was no one else around
picked up my guitar and strummed a party
went to lunch???
???throu my personal files
went to my desk to study
I guess the world dont love nobody but

well thats the way its gonna be
thats the way its gonna be
thats the way its gonna be


(then do that Knock-knock knocking part again.)

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