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Mrs Mengual Chords
Artist: Derogatory Remarks
Song: Mrs.Mengual

Chords Used

       E      D       A      C       F      G

e   -0-   -2-   -0-   -0-   -1-   -3-
b   -0-   -3-   -0-   -1-   -1-   -0-
g   -1-   -2-   -2-   -0-   -2-   -0-
d   -2-   -0-   -2-   -2-   -3-   -0-
a   -2-   -0-   -0-   -3-   -0-   -2-
E   -0-   -0-   -0-   -0-   -0-   -3-

Intro E  D  A  E
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Verse 1
   E                            D                     A                    E
my spanish teachers mrs.mengual shes sixty and looks like hell  
  E                             D                     A                                    E
my spanish teacher might be insane but I don't know whats normal in spain
I'm not saying I don't like class it'll probably be the only one I pass
but thats not because my answers are right its because I'm in her dreams at night

C                   G                            F                            G
mrs.mengual you could have me if it didn't look like you were sixty
C                    G                        F                                 G
mrs.mengual your class is fun but you won't have me without a gun

Verse 2
this isn't just a fantasy I really think shes in love with me
and I really wish that she was hot but even old guys know that shes not
the fact is that shes kind of gross even for sixty uglier than most
but I don't mind her advances are okay as long as i get my A

Chorus x2

this is just the rythm guitar, The Ill Skid plays a lead that I haven't figured out yet.