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Mandrake Root Chords

Well...the chords are fine in this song.
Tabbed by: Benjamin Lynnerup. 12 Śr/years!

Mandrake Root
From "Shades Of Deep Purple", 1968


I've got a Mandrake Root

       D             E7+9

It's a thunder in my brain

I feed it to my babe

    D                 E7+9

She thunders just the same

D       A   Bm        F#
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Food of love sets her flame

G             A        B

Ah, stick it up


I've got the Mandrake Root

D               E7+9

Baby's just the same

She still feels a quiver

D                   E7+9

She's still got the flame

D         A    Bm           F#

She slows down, slows right down

G     A        B

I've got the power