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Hallelujah Chords


Artist: Deep Purple

CD "Deep Purple The Best 68.-75."


  Am   D   F   G    E


  Am  G  F  E7 x6 and Am  G  C  E7  D  E

  Am  G  F  E7 x2 and Am  G  C  E7  D  E

  Am  G  F  E7 x6 and


  Am     A

  A  D x4       (A7 and D7 on the organs)
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  A7    D7   B7    E7  x2

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  Am  G  F  E7   F2  E7  F  Am    D  E

  Am  G  F  E7 x2


  Am  D  F  G  Am

  Notice: the key is originaly in G-minor
	  you can play the sevenths for nicer sound, but they are optional
          F2: x330211

 The chords are without words, but i suppose you wont sing it without listening.
 Knowing this tab is the first,and that it has been requested many times,i'm sure it will do for now.
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