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Date: Sun, 10 Sep 1995 22:12:26 -0500
From: (Arabella Clauson)
Subject: CRD:"Home" by Deep Blue Something

"Home" (Deep Blue Something)

||These are all barre chords, E shaped.  I'm not sure about the G#, so
||please correct any errors here.

Intro: E  F#  G# A
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If I woke up one morning with my memory gone
I'd pick out some clothes and I'd put them on,
And walk down the street and find a cafe,
I'd order a Guiness, and I'd sit there all day
Then some kids would come in and start a fuss
About how great their weekend in New Orleans was
Then I'd look down and smile, like their tale was my own

And I'd open my eyes, and I'd know I was home
Where my friends are, even when I'm not.
I wish you were here.
And then it would rain, like it sometimes does,
If we were bored that wouldn't bother us.
We'd just get in the car and drive trhough the night,
And get lost in East Texas, but no one would mind
Because we'd find our way home, like we always do.
Funny how time flies in our youth,
But with darkness approaching, we will always grow close
In the place we'll call heaven
But for now, we'll just call it home
Where my friends are, even when I'm not
I wish you were here
I'll see you -- at home.

-Arabella Clauson (