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Author/Artist: David Gray
Title: As I'm Leaving
Album: Lost Songs
Transcribed by: Spoon
Email: Spoonyvibes@hotmail.com

 [Cmaj9] [F#m7]  [G]   [D]  [Am]  [D\F#]

Lick1          Lick2
Play aground between the two above in the verses.
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INTRO       [Cmaj9] [F#m7] [lick1] [Cmaj9] [G] times2

      [Cmaj9] [F#m7] [lick1] [Cmaj9] [G]
As I'm leaving
            [Cmaj9] [F#m7] [lick1] [Cmaj9] [G]
A change comes on my eyes
                 [Cmaj9] [F#m7] [lick1] [Cmaj9] [G]
These thoughts persuading me
             [Cmaj9] [F#m7] [lick1] [Cmaj9] [G]
With mumbles strange goodbyes

And through the water
Through the ring
        [Am]       [G]
To the soul of everything
I wash my heart out
On the stones
                    [Cmaj9] [F#m7] [lick1] [Cmaj9] [G]
And I'm almost gone

Continues as same pattern for rest of song.

And there's no meaning
In clothes and coffee cups
Cheap hotel furniture
Where silence never stops

CHORUS times 1

And now I'm dreaming
I'm staring at the walls
At cars all frozen now
In late night waterfalls

Finnish on CHORUS again.