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River Chords

written by M Yonts & David Allan Coe
performed by David Allan Coe
from the album The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy
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D                A7                D
River, you heard my first cry as a baby
G                     A            D
And, like my Mom, you sang me lullabies
G                   A
You knew my fishing pole
     D            G
When I was eight years old
     D          A7            D
And, river, you never told me lies
         A            G               D
(chorus) River, I can see you from my window
G                A             D
Your muddy water makes me feel alone
G               A
River, you keep flowing
         D                      G
Like you know just where you're going
     D               A7           D
But, river, will you ever take me home

River, I'm not proud of what I've done
Somehow my fishing pole became a gun
Through these prison bars I see
That you're still running free
But, river, I've got no place to run

(repeat chorus 2x)