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This Bitter Pill Chords

Bitter Pill Tab by Dashboard Confessional

The Tablature before the end part is not mine. But the end part is!
I couldn't stand hearing how off the end part of this tab was.  So I listened hard and
corrected it. This sounds really close. I'm sure it's accurate. The end part that is.
And writing tabs isn't my forte which you can see but its understandable
Chords Used
G6 Gsus C  Dsus2 D6 G  Dsus/F# Em D7 Am7 D D2 Em7

Riff 1

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dashboard_confessional/this_bitter_pill_crd.html ]
Riff 1   C      Dsus2
        Walking away.
It's not the same as running.
D6      Gsus   C              Dsus2       G6   D6 Riff 1
Is it to you know that you've run in this ground.
C              Dsus2
And you say take this.
       G6         D6     Gsus   C
This medicine is just what you deserve.
D6                    G6
Swallow, choke, and die.

And this bitter pill is leaving you
with such an angry mouth.
One that's void of all discretion
such an awful tearing sound.
           G                        Dsus/F#
With it's measure only equal by the power of my stare
        Am7                          D7
glaring over you and over you this feeling of despair
       Am7       D7          G? G6        Riff 1
is never wearing out.

C             Dsus2
It's wearing off
           G6           D6       Gsus    C
and it's leaving you with such a heavy heart
      Dsus2   G6  D6  Riff 1
and a head to match.
C              Dsus2
The bottle is waiting
     G              D6      Gsus   C
the cap is twisted begging to be used
    Dsus2     G6
and so are you.    Chorus

End part:

 Then I guess end on G!

End Part by Andrew Adams