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                            So Impossible

Capo 1
Dashboard Confessional
Tabbed by: Chris Kenealy

So she says, 
A                       G
Everyone's gone to the party. 
A                                       G
Won't you come if I come with a friend for your friend? 
I'd be so pleased to see you                                              
G                     A                              G
out of the classroom, wearing the smile that I bring you. 
          F#                  G                 (hold out)
I was hoping to learn a few things like:

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A                    E                       F#
Do you, Do you like dishing the dirt on the whole class 
and talking the big smack or playing the fool 
A                      E
or wearing all of the latest fashions 
      F#                        G
or plucking your new trends or wearing your old threads 
A                          E
If you like coffee in the evening? 
            F#         G                 A           E
These are a few things that I'd like to know. 
                  F#           G
That I'd like to know. 
				(Hold G out)
So I say, 
           A                           G
I've been scheduled to work, but I'll call in
         A                        G
 and my friend isn't busy, he be happy to join me 
    A                         G                   A          G
and maybe my friend and your friend will hit it off 
   A        G 
or maybe we will. 
I'm dying to know! 
                     E                                 F#
Do you, Do you like dreaming of things so impossible 
             G                         A
or only the practical or ever the wild 
or waiting through all your bad bad days 
        F#                        G  
just to end them with someone to care about 
and do you like making out and long drives 
    E                              F#              G
and brown eyes and guys that just don't quite fit in?
A       E     F#   G
Do you like them? 
So yes, 
      E        G
I'll see you there.

OK that would be it, i did this so you don't have to do all that weird 
tuning, that is just dumb to do.  Its a simple song hope u enjoy.