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         Ashes to Ashes
         By Darden Smith
         by chris (Sylcab@ladwp.com)

         Intro:    G   D    C   G    G   D    C   G

                   G   D    C   G    G   D    C   n.C.


    G       D      C       G       G       D        C       G
    doctor doctor  make me young   undo the damage  living has done

    G         D              C       G
    my legs are weak cause I walked this far my

    G           D               C         G
    fingers are blistered cause I work this hard

    C                  D
    and my eyes can't see through the clouds my

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    C                           D  n.C.
    ears can't hear through the roar of the crowd
                               (verse 3)to **(CODA)**

    G        D        C      G
    ashes to ashes..  dust to dust ..

    G            D               C         G
    everyone's born to die now.. everybody must...

    G          D          C       G       G      D       C  n.C.
    stand up to fall down  boom to bust.  ashes to ashes........

    G      D        C     G          G    D     C    G
    dust to dust   dust to dust.........

    Repeat for Verse 2

    G   D     C   G     G   D     C  n.C.   (extra chords at)
    Repeat to **(CODA)**                     (end of verse 2)
    For Verse (3)

    **(CODA)**    (change key)

     A     E         D     A
    ahses to ashes  dust to dust

    A           E             D      A
    everybodys born to die now every body must

    A          E          D     A       A       E       D     A
    stand up to fall down boom to bust ashes to ashes  dust to dust

    This song is pretty simple,  except you have to add the
    bar at the end of VERSE 2   then repeat for VERSE 3