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Foolish Pride Chords

foolish pride by dan murray
*note* hammer on and off C
straight tunning (capo second fret)

verse 1:
unbutton me, roll up my sleaves
hang me by the curtains to dry
take off my tie, unfold me by and by
hang me in the closet to grow old
untie these suede shoes, let me sing my blues
of being soakened by the rain
this dog I own is tame, in he I take no shame
as I let him out to run and play

D                             F
As you can see the rest is up to me
while I sit and rest in glee
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verse 2:
If i so decied, I can lower my pride
and stay like all the rest and the moon
instead here I lay, given into the hay
resting by and by

placed upon the shelf, this favorite book of mine
the author unknown and the time
this my dusty treasure, have I not but opened once
to claim that it's mine

chorus 2:

as you can see the rest is up to me
while i sit and ponder what's inside

verse 3:

these weary days that pass, before my eyes through glass
keep me on the inside wondering
the days that lie ahead, i think of in my bed
asleep like brian wilson did

taken by the rain, while my insides pain
aching through these rainy days
as the children play and while i lay in ha
my foolish mind is hardening

chorus 3
as you can see the rest is up to me
placing trust in no one that i see