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I Cant Let You Go Chords

This is not 100% sure, but I did my best. Actually this is my first time..hehehe..this
song is dedicated to miss NVP  of  lapu-lapu city , cebu.....
(Just strum it..)

I can't let you go

     G		       F
I've been to many places
     G                    F
I meet different races
     G                   F
I seen so many faces
     G                  F            BbM9
But it's you I can't forget

G                                  F                             
I've been so high and low
G                F
 Till I got no place where to go
G                    F
I've got this funny feelings
G                  F                  BbM9 
That is you Am still missin'

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Bm                         C#m
So baby come on don't let this go 
A                            G
You know I love u so
Don't throw it away
C#m                            A                      G
Let our love grows 	I can't let you go

2nd stanza
G                        F
We've always been so strong
G                  F
We almost had it all
G                          F   
Don't give-up , now I need you 
G                        F     BbM9
Co'z we are always be

( Repeat chorus ) 2x

C#m                   A 
Let's come to think of it
C#m		  A	
Look out on wickedness
C#m                    A
I can't let this happened 

C#m                 A

Co'z she's always be

Bm          C#m

A                     G
I can't let you go
Bm                 C#m 

Ohhhhh.... Ohhhhh..
A                      G
I want you to know

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