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Fortunate Son Tab

Title: Fortunate Son
Artist: Creedence Clearwater revival
Tabbed by: Lukas Payro
Tuning Standard

Another great creedence tab


----------------------3/5-------3/5------  thats guitar 1

After that guitar 2 plays this


Now for the verse

[G]Some folks are born, [F]made to wave the flag
[C]Ooh they're red white and [G]blue
[G]And when the band plays [F]hail to the chief
[C]Ooh they point the cannons at [G]you, y'all


[G]It aint me, [D]It aint me, [C]I aint no senators [G]son y'all
[G]It aint me, [D]It aint me, [C]I aint no fortunate [G]one , no
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[G]Some folks are born, [F]silver spoon in hand
[C]Lord they don't help [G]themselves, y'all
[G]But when the tax man [F]comes to the door
[C]Lord the house looks like a rummage [G]sale yeah

[G]It aint me, [D]It aint me [C]I aint no millionaires [G]son, no
[G]It aint me, [D]It aint me [C]I aint no fortunate [G]one, no

[G]Some folks inherit [F]star spangled eyes
[C]Ooh they send you down to [G]war y'all
[G]It aint me, [F]It aint me
[G]I'm no fortunate [G]one no


theres a little section that goes like this


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