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Spoonful Bass Tab

Cream - Spoonful

Originally by Willie Dixon

I recently needed a bass tab for this song and couldn't find one 
anywhere, so eventually I decided to figure it out myself. 
Because of the style of Cream and Jack Bruce, 
it would be very difficult to tab the entire 
song as Jack tends to Jam throughout the song but 
based on two basic Riffs below, 
Once you know these just play around, any little runs in E 
should work

Hope this helps!

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Intro Riff
G ------------------------------------------
D -------------------------------------------
A -------------------------------------------
E --0--3b--0----0--3b--0----0--3b--0

Verse Riff

G ---------------------------
D -------------------------5-
A --5h7--5-------5--7-------
E ------------7-------------

Run at End of Verse On Guitar
Bass Plays

G ---------------------------------------
D ----------------------------------------
A -7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7-------
E ----------------------------------------

Try this under the solo

G -----------------------------------
A --5h7--5-----5--7------------------
E ----------7------------------------