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Uh-oh Chords

this is a correction from my earlier post.--

Good song.  too easy.  Enjoy.

Chords used:
      D     G     A    D5   G5   A5

Same thing over and over for the whole song: DGA.  It changes to fifths on the verse. like this:
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    D5                           G5     A5
my girl friends think I oughta take it
     D5                       G5      A5
and take it like a big strong man
   D5                          G5      A5
my guy friends think i oughta break it
     D5                    G5      A5
and get the hell out as fast as I can

D        G         A
Uh-oh, falling in love again
D        G         A
uh-oh, falling in love
D        G         A
uh-oh, falling in love again
D        G         A
Uh-oh, falling in love

I'm workin on the solo right now.  I'll have it posted sometime soon.  enjoy.