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Sister Dont Cry Chords

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Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 16:11:07 -0500
From: Pilgrim 
Subject: Sister Don't Cry TAB

Collective Soul
Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid
Sister Don't Cry:

Transcribed by Khanh Tran

[intro] (piano arranged for guitar)

E    A       | E   A

[verse 1] (with intro riff)
E			   A
Overseas through the air
             E		     A
Touched your heart down with care
E			       A
All the thoughts left behind
	    E		A
Soon will catch you in time

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[bridge 1]
F#			         A
Well, if I could, you know I would
Let salvation reign on you
So, won't you push away
All this pain that you've been through

[chorus] (played x2)
Yeah, Sister don't cry
Sister don't cry no more
G		 D	   E
Sister don't cry anymore

(intro riff is played)

[verse 2] (played with intro riff)
E				 A
While the scenes shuffle 'round
	   E		    A
Let your world anchor down
E				  A
Pull your heart from your sleeve
	E		A
First react then believe

[bridge 2]
F#			   A
You won't always get thunder
To warn you of storms ahead
So bury all the pain
And get on with your life again


[bridge 3]
Conquer some serenity
Lay yourself in fields of poetry
Close you eyes to all you see
Lay your weary head here with me
Oh, here with me

(intro riff is played)



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