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Moses Chords

This is an easy song to play.
Standard tuning (EAGDBe)

Intro : B - Fm - Fm - E (it's like this almost the whole song)

B      Fm       Fm                  E
  Come on now,    don't you want to see,

B      Fm            Fm           E
  This thing that's    happening to me,

B      Fm     Fm              E
  Like Moses   has power over sea,

B   Fm         Fm           E
 So you've got   power over me,
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Then, repeat the intro (if you want the solo, you can check it on the tabs here on ultimate-guitar)

And repat the same as above
B Fm Fm E

In the CHORUS it's like:

D               E
And oh, oh yes I would,
E       D
If I only could,
D               E
And you know I would,
E      D   E
And baby I,
E     D    E
Oh baby I,

And then the intro/solo. And the lyrics again. It's quite simple

The notes on the chorus you can do it like this:
D - 557775
E - 779997

It looks closer to the sound in the music, but if you have difficulty, just do the 
the way you prefer.