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Testing Tab

okay, i figured this song before i even knew who it was from or its name. after
i fond out the name, i checked out the other tab for this song and have to give
the guy credit, but a bit of it was different than how i figured it was.  here's
my version, not too dofferent than the other one, but a little more to it and a
litle more preferable(if i do say so my self).

tuning: EADGBe

repeat 4x,                  cut the last two notes off on the 4th time
[ Tab from: ]
on the 4th time, play this as harmony:

Riff 1:
i think this is repeated 8x, and on the last 2 or 4, it plays an octave
higher with the lower octave in the backround

Riff 2: (my favorite part)
------------------            ---------------------------------
-3-3--------------            ---------------------------------
-4-4--------------    Play    -----------4-----2---------2-----
-4-4--------------    2x      -----0-4-----4-----2-----2-------
-2-2--0-5-4-0-----            ---2-----2-----2-----4-0---------
--------------2-5-            -3---------------------------5vvv
                              play this once after you play the 
                              previous twice

Change of key signiture(bridge):


Thats it, so put it all in order and there's the song for ya.  any corrections,
fell free to post a comment, especially if you're sure it's right, i dont mind
learning from my mistakes.