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All That I Am Chords

Hey, I did the "take me home" tabs sorry if they're wrong. If you have any questions,
send me and email - When I figured out this song I didn't use a
capo, but it's easier. There's not really alot of guitar in this song but whatever!

(Capo on 1st fret)

Am        G                F
    Stars suspended deep in grey
C                         G
    Take a step and lose my way
Am              G            F
    There is no whispering tonight
C                                  G
    The darkness will not steal my light

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         Am  G      F
But it's all that I am
Reflections faded
Yeah it shattered
                         Am  G        F 
Don't mind me cause it's all we could be
Am          G
From my pain
From my sorrow
There's more courage than you see yeah...

Am             G           F
   Forget about your expectations
              C             G
   I'm not as hopeless as I seem
        Am         G          F  
   Just try to see all that I am
C                               G
   You fail to see the things I dream

Repeat Chorus

I gave it all
G         F
I gave my trust
       C                 G
But it still ain't good enough
Am            G               F
The fear that wouldn't let me go
               C              G
The tears that I'm ashamed to show

Repeat Chorus

         F              G
And it's all, yeah it's all
         F              G
And it's all, yeah it's all
         F          G       Am   G   F   (guitar fades out....)
And it's all that I have in me